Learning from My Students. 生徒から学んだこと.

ブリン先生へのお問い合わせ[ naoki@yoga-gene.com ]


1. この瞬間を生きる

2. 遊んでいる時が一番幸せ

3. 幸せは内面にある


I have gone back to the classroom this semester and it has been so revitalizing and yet so humbling. Over the past two years of teaching abroad I have been tapping into the inner resources of adults. Teaching them how to teach yoga to children. As a pioneer in the field of children’s yoga I often feel like I need a teacher, yet there isn’t one. By going back into the classroom I have been reminded that it is the children who are my teacher. They have so many important lessons to teach me as their teacher (or their student, based on perspective ; ).

3 Things That I have Been Reminded:
1. Live the Moment.
Children may react to something, defend themselves, but then they go right back to what they were doing. (I see this with kids ages 3 – 4). Teaching children keeps me in the moment.

2. Happiest Moments are when Playing.
Children love to play and when I play with children through yoga it is as if every worry in the world has left and I am filled with complete happiness.

3. Joy Exists Within.
No matter what is happening within or outside of our lives inside of each human being is joy, its just the way we decide or not decide how to access it. No matter what is/has happened before I walk into that classroom door it suddenly escapes me the moment I begin teaching what I LOVE to who I LOVE.

I Heart My Job! I Love My Teachers!